Disc Golf Tips For Beginners

KISS – Keep It Simple!

Easy Yet Firm Grip – Find A Disc You Like To Throw – Smooth Motion – Have Fun!

If you are just starting out keep in mind that Disc Golf is much harder then it looks!  Do not let yourself get overwhelmed by well meaning friends who may give you “lots” of advice!  Remember they are just excited to have someone to play with…

If you think about a nice smooth throwing motion with a firm grip you will be able to develop a good and accurate throw.  Stay relaxed!

When choosing disc see if you can try out someone’s so you can get an idea of which size and weight works best for you and when you find a few that work then purchase them from Amazon or your local pro shop.

Playing disc golf is about having fun!

Check out youtube.com as there are so many how to videos!

Play as often as you can with as many different players as you can and remember “STUDY THE BEST” do what they do!

Barre Falls Dam Disc Golf Course

It’s FREE! 18 holes with professional baskets at each hole!

Very beautiful natural site within a rural forest preserve. Maintained by the federal government with FREE access. Has permanent (no porta potties real bathrooms) bathroom facilities, picnic tables, and charcoal grills. Surrounding area has a bunch of trails. One of the best disc golf courses I’ve ever been to. Prime site for birding, especially during migrations. Regularly see large quantities of wildlife.

Usually maintained in excellent condition. My only issue with the course is that regular mowing of the course is sometimes neglected and you loose discs in the grass. This only effects half the course though.

Maple Hill Disc Golf Courses


The Maple Hill disc golf course has four configurations laid out on the same track of land. We do this by using multiple tees and pins. Occasionally two configurations will share a shot (usually because the shot is so much fun that we could not bear to deny anyone the chance to play if.) Below is a description of our four configurations. Come on by and check ’em out.

Maple Hill Reds


The Maple Hill Reds have been designed as a traditional disc golf course. This means that most of the holes are between 250 to 300 feet in length and a birdie is an attainable score. The Reds also serve as our recommended starter course, whether you are new to the game or new to Maple Hill. If you want to get an appreciation for the property and check out some of the other configurations, the Reds is the best way to do it. Get out there, hit some birdies, and have fun.

Maple Hill Whites


The Maple Hill Whites closely resembles the original Elements course. This course is designed to challenge upcoming amateurs so that they can hone their game and be ready to compete. It has a multitude of required shots to succeed. It’s 6000+’ make it a bit harder than a traditional (5400′ or so) disc golf course. If you are a seasoned player and want to jump into the Maple Hill experience, the Whites are ready to offer you a quality challenge and give plenty of reward if your shots are true.

Maple Hill Blues


The Maple Hill Blues are a combination of the original Airplanes course and the 2008 Vibram Open course. At 7,770 feet, this course has plenty of distance to challenge even the hardiest of young guns who like to throw the disc a country mile, especially when you consider that about half of this distance is through the tight – but fair – New England woods. There are several heart-thumping shots over water and plenty of chances for extravagant success, just try to avoid biting off more than you can chew. Enjoy.

Maple Hill Golds


The Maple Hill Golds are the host course to the Vibram Open. Each year this course challenges the shot making ability and the mental game of the top players in the world. Many of them crumble, but not all. If you are looking for one of the biggest challenges of your disc golf life, come and give the Maple Hill Golds a try. Compare your shots and scores to those of the best players in the world. You can even buy a DVD of the tournament and watch exactly how the top players play the course. You have a 49 in you?

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